02C75: Singapore Sunday

Sunday Moray Eel

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1121

We're back in Singapore, as planned. We got pretty lucky with the border traffic and so we ended up breezing through and getting to Singapore earlier than most restaurants open. But brunch sounded like a good idea, so we settled for an open Crystal Jade for a lovely Sunday dimsum meal. We had discussed plans of bringing the boys to the zoo once they had their naps.

But the weather had other ideas and after I had squeezed in some work stuff, we had opted to go to the S.E.A. Aquarium instead (since covered!) It was raining cats and dogs during the drive over, so this felt like the right choice. I had never been to this particular Singapore attraction, so it was all new to me. But it was even more fun (but tiring) to experience it with the nephews. There's nothing like running after a little boy excitedly talking about aquatic animals to really get your steps in. We hadn't planned this activity in advance, but I'm super glad we did it since it made for a very fun afternoon.

It's my last week in Singapore as I'm flying home this Friday. I'm trying to see if I can squeeze in a few more activities before I go like meeting up with friends based here. I haven't even made time to go to Books Kinokuniya yet nor have I gone to Games@PI, although both are just a quick walk to Orchard away. But no regrets as this has already been quite the eventful and colorful trip both in terms of work and family time. And I'm sure we'll still make the most of these last few days.