02C73: A Good Friday

Friday Fish Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1119

Good Friday is one of the few holidays that the Philippines and Singapore share and it's certainly nice to have the extra day off. And while I still had to squeeze in a little work today (especially since some clients are based in countries that don't share the holiday), most of the day has been pretty light. 

Actually left the house a lot more, mainly to accompany my sister on various errands. This was also a chance to explore the area more, even if I didn't necessarily make any purchases even at places like BookXcess, which feels like a much bigger (and cleaner) counterpart to the likes of Booksale at home. 

But really, I mainly used the time to get as much reading done as possible. I finally finished The End of the World, which was our original family book club book before our last meeting. That now frees me up to focus more on Demon Copperhead, which is the current family book club title, and Good to Great, my active business book. I'll probably slot in a few more comic books this weekend, just so that I get back ahead of the curve as opposed to just making the needed pace to hit my end-of-year reading goal. Gotta read smarter, at least until I build up more of a comfortable "lead", as it were. I say this every now and then, but that's just how I manage my reading. It's a little bonkers, but it gets the job done.

Shout out to all the interesting meals I've been having during this trip. There's been a deliberate effort to introduce me to all their new restaurants of interest both in Singapore and Malaysia, and I super appreciate all the great stuff I've gotten to try. And you have to love family that eagerly want you to try stuff but also try to accommodate me being on keto as much as possible. And that's never easy to juggle, even for me.

It's so nice to think it's only Friday! That means at least two full days of rest before we dive back into work on Monday. This weekend is totally welcome indeed.