02C6F: Location-Based Mindset

Monday Didi

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1115

We're back in Singapore this week and the "vibe" feels totally different. Things feel a little more laid back in Malaysia for some reason while Singapore has me back in the action, as it were. And it's not a bad thing - it's just how I feel about things I guess. And despite it being a shorter week given the holiday (and that's singular over here in Singapore), I know it's going to be a very busy week. So being back in Singapore with this mindset is precisely what's needed.

I hope that sense of productivity also translates into my workouts. I've barely kept up with my steps over the past week while in Malaysia and hardly worked out. I did force some end-of-day bodyweight stuff like jumping jacks and boxing moves in order to "close my rings" as it were (although I use a Fitbit). It helps me go to bed a little less guilty, but I still recognize that I need to do more, especially since I'm not always perfectly keto while here (dimsum is too good!)

But I can't really complain. Alongside the work and the workout-related frustrations that I've brought over with me, I'm super happy to spend time with my family here. The nephews are a delight and every moment spent with them, no matter how trivial, is just precious.