02C6D: Saturday Recoil

Saturday Inihaw

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1113

After working out of a hotel function room for three days straight, I totally wasn't in the mood to go very far. And so it's just as well that I stayed home today and filled up the time with reading various books and comics, playing with the nephews, and other less involved things. And as much as I squeezed in some work that had gotten a little delayed, it was a pretty chill day. I had been rather tempted to even take a nap, but my adherence to my step goals (plus some very active toddlers) helped me avoid that.

Terra Nil has finally launched, and I've been spending some time playing the game after much pre-release buzz. The game presents an interesting puzzle of figuring out how to use your green tech to restore the wasteland to its former glory AND then clean up after yourself. It's structured with a lot of the marks of a strategy game, but it really speaks to me on a puzzle level. I am going to be tinkering with this game a fair bit in the weekends to come. 

I doubt we'll step out tomorrow either, but we do need to make the trek back to Singapore at some point. I should make sure to pack my things, although I didn't quite unpack either, so I don't have to stress over that part too much. We'll get to that part eventually.

Enjoy your weekend folks. You've all earned a good time.