02C4C: One Run at a Time

Monday Keto Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1080

After repeatedly saying that I should try to get back into jogging, I finally did just that this morning. It wasn't a very long run and I also didn't push myself too hard to avoid injury or something. The last time I had jogged outside I went rather full tilt and then had back pains for the next few days. So I wanted to be smart today and ease myself back into things after a few weeks of limiting myself to milder yoga. 

As much as I enjoy the benefits of yoga in the morning before work, jogging does sort of have similar benefits. This morning was a good example since I stuck to a slower pace that I could maintain somewhat indefinitely and just let my mind drift. Had I pushed too hard then I'd only get lost trying to catch my breath and continue to put one foot in front of the other over and over again. And while I'd like to work my way up to hitting 5km in 30 minutes or something, going slower isn't entirely bad either. Plus my Fitbit logs Zone minutes either way.

I wanted to see if I could squeeze in a decent jog in a limited amount of time, and this morning's experiment worked out well enough. I found a 7-ish minute warmup workout to follow in the Nike Training Club app library and then started tracking my run once I was out of the condo's compound. I jogged for a good 15+ minutes then took my longer route back home and clocked about 20 minutes of activity overall. It's not going radically affect my life overnight, but I definitely enjoyed it. 

I'm not yet sure if I'll necessarily jog tomorrow or every day this week, but I'll definitely try to make time for it as much as possible. I did get super lucky with this morning since things got a little cloudier just when I stepped out for my run, so it wasn't too uncomfortable. But we all know summer is coming and it has been getting pretty hot in the afternoons.

Wish me luck.