02C49: Earned O Bar Friday

Friday Roast Chicken Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1077

So today has been very stressful. Sure it's a Friday and a local holiday to boot, but the surprise nature of this holiday declaration just resulted in a lot of weird complications. I'm just glad got through the day between administrative stress at work plus several 3.3 campaigns. No workweek is complete without me cramming ad set up activities on a Friday.

Buy me a drink so I can vent all the stress of today.

With all that aside, it's time to think of the weekend in earnest. Tonight we're going to O Bar in our first Friday night out this year I think? We've had back-to-back Saturday events at O Bar that have been the priority for most of our excursions. As much as we love the bigger shows, we also like having a bit more room to breathe and just enjoy the night. And given all the work that was needed to pull together a group of people for tonight's table, we totally deserve to enjoy tonight.

For full irony, the bar announced a last-minute event tomorrow to celebrate Maxie being on the second season of Queen of the Universe. We were originally anticipating a possible event tomorrow, but when no materialized last week, then we locked down Friday night instead. I feel a little bad that we're going to miss out on whatever they've prepared for tomorrow, but then again every O Bar night is pretty special in its own way. 

Tomorrow I have the family book club bi-weekly meeting and then Tobie and I will watch the Uncle Jane play on Saturday night. We have an online RPG session for Horror on the Orient Express on Sunday and we'll try to squeeze in time to learn a few of our newer board games in-between all these different activities. Fun, fun, fun.