02C47: Hump Day Highs and Lows

Wednesday Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1075

Another hearing on the SOGIE anti-discrimination bill today and more reasons to be disappointed in our government officials. Whenever I follow the updates on these things, far too many of the quotes from our lawmakers and invited speakers are enough to get my blood boiling. With people like these in positions of power, it's no surprise that LGBTQI+ rights remain in the dismal state that they are. The status quo remains disappointing, but I guess it could be worse. And we'll continue to work with what we have as best we can for as long as we live here.

In better news, my left arm feels mostly recovered - or at least I know where to push. I've been experimenting with different yoga flows to see what works and what doesn't. Last week just getting through the typical vinyasa flow was a bit of a struggle but this week things were feeling mostly normal. I still have to avoid holding Warrior 2 for too long and side planks on my left side really aren't a good idea just yet. 

I've yet to get back to jogging, which I really should make time for. My sleeping habits have been less than ideal since I got back into playing Stellaris, but we make time for the things we want to do and all that. But I think jogging would be a good way to shake things up without stressing my left arm too much. Going back to resistance bands or free weights may be a bit premature even though I'm itching to make more progress.

Injuries suck, but they're more and more of an inevitability given both regular exercise efforts and age. 

Aging also sucks haha