02C44: Always More Good Gaming

Black Fleet Board Game

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1072

I have ended this gaming weekend with a surprisingly good win count. Winning is a small part of the whole experience but I won't deny it doesn't feel good to rack up those points. And our regular gaming groups include some really good players that make every game session both challenging and fulfilling. Usually, I expect Tobie or other players to come out on top, and that just pushes me to play harder. It really depends on the game and how other luck-based factors come into play more often than not. Every new mix of players changes the game experience no matter how well you think you know the game.

We tried a lot of new games and it's hard to pick any particular one that stands out above the rest. Metro X was very challenging and quite frustrating to puzzle through, but I still enjoyed it. Black Fleet was a little silly but had a great gameplay concept that results in some fun table situations. That's A Question was a great spin on games like Dixit and such.

This week's game selection really got me thinking about older games that we haven't been able to play as much. I talked about this the other day, and since then I've been trying to consider which ones fit the criteria of games that need to come back into circulation. We love most if not all the games in our collection for different reasons, but there's only so much time during every game night. And sometimes we literally lose sight of games when they're stored in more remote parts of the Sietch's byzantine board game shelving arrangement. It's funny how that all works out.

We'll see how the next weekend plays out. We'll have an O Bar session thrown into the mix of things, but beyond that we'll see what game time we can squeeze into this week.