02C41: Stellar Projections

Thursday Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1069

Related to work, my sister and I are reading Scaling Up apart from the family book club title of Arsenic and Adobo. The best business books really get you thinking and this one is certainly giving me a lot to consider. I think the only other book that had energized me more than this was Work Rules!, but that was also a book about Google's early culture and growth, so that was totally a gimmie. This particular book really does seem to fit where we are as a company now as we're not quite small anymore but we're also not quite big either. And figuring out how to balance everything and take things to the next level has been something that we've all been thinking about. And this book may be a good answer to many of the questions we've been ruminating.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I've revived Stellaris in my life, and man it's such a time suck. Funny anecdote: during the power outage on Valentine's Day, I was actually playing Stellaris via the building's emergency power because I can go in deep. 

It has been quite some time (probably more than a year) since I had last played this game and a lot has changed about the game. My first playthrough has been decent but not at all notable as I created a very small rogue servitor robot empire and I'm basically just trying to survive through to the end. Since then, I've started watching different tutorial videos to catch me up on all the things that have changed since the last time I played and now I wanted to start a new empire from scratch. And this is not uncommon - if anything, it's the core gameplay loop of Stellaris - and we all love this particular trap.

But I'm still balancing the need to play through the anniversary event over in Star Trek Online until I can get the free event exclusive ship. Then I'll probably take a break and focus more on Stellaris. 

Time to go back to space.