02C3A: Thursday Updates

Thursday Nono's Chicken and Waffles

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1062   

My arm is still less than ideal and I'm still on painkillers. Tobie has been helping me ice the affected area and I think all this has been helping my recovery. My main annoyance beyond limited mobility and the need to skip working out is the fact that I also haven't been cooking as of late. Sure, my right arm is still okay, but you'd be surprised how your two arms work so closely together for things as complex as cooking.

I am worried that my recovery won't be complete come Saturday when we're scheduled to go to O Bar. I can party hard with one arm for sure, but my ability to effectively take videos of the different O Bar performances may be significantly curtailed. I'm already contemplating bringing our monopod along as extra support. Flash fact: I originally bought the monopod precisely for making my O Bar videography easier but the pandemic happened sooner, so I never got around to field testing it. Plus I like being rather dynamic in terms of how I take videos (and photos at the same time), so I haven't shifted to more static filming with a tripod or some other stand. But we'll see how Saturday goes - bringing the monopod may be the prudent option so that I overtax my arm even if I feel better by then.

In other news, we actually left the Sietch today to meet some friends for dinner. We didn't have to go too far - just to Uptown, which is just far enough to justify bringing the car instead of just walking. It was a nice way to cap off the night and we got so lost in conversation that we didn't even take a photo together. Bad, Rocky, Bad!

Now to squeeze in a few Star Trek Online missions before bed. Crap, it's maintenance day.