02C38: Different Distractions

Tuesday Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1060

My left arm is feeling weird. I'm not sure if I just slept on it wrong or maybe I over-extended during yoga this morning or something. I've tried using the massage gun on it and Tobie has also tried massaging it so I hope that's enough to loosen things come tomorrow. It's not debilitating, but it's certainly annoying. Just one of those things.

I had hoped to run two loads of laundry today, but I only managed one. I probably could have juggled it with work but it's okay. It's not like there's a rush - I just would have been happier had I managed the full two loads. Laundry is still a generally happy activity. 

My mind is getting blown by several high-profile Kickstarters that all seem to have gone live today. 

I expected Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig this month and here it is. It's some sort of roll-and-write version of the original Castles of Mad King Ludwig that I'm not sure if we'll back but it's not too high barrier. Plus it looks pretty cute, even if a bit minimalist in some ways. 

I had no idea there was a Homeworld board game project, but here we are. It's a Kickstarter exclusive that supposedly won't see a retail release. However, it's not exactly the sort of game we'd typically play since war games only make up a small part of our collection. And it's not like the miniatures representing the ships will immediately remind me of the game. I'm still more excited for the Stellaris Inifinite Legacy game, which feels a lot closer to the Stellaris game experience that I like.

Then I wasn't expecting the new Expanse comic book to also go for a Kickstarter project because...it's a comic book. But maybe this is our post-Comixology reality? I dunno if I'll bother with this just to get the digital PDFs of the series when I can probably just wait to get it from Comixology Kindle Comics.

And the last new Kickstarter project that has blipped for me is Stonesaga, which is another ambitious cooperative game from the same people who came up with Mythwind. But I'm still waiting for that game to ship out and it seems too soon to jump on their next project right away. It's not like I've gone chasing down Starlight, their first big cooperative campaign game by the same designer as Mythwind. They seem to have a pattern of launching new campaigns regardless of the status of their previous projects - up until a point. I probably won't back this...although it is very pretty.

More happy distractions.