02C35: Much Gaming

Saturday Namiji

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1057

We have a full day of gaming ahead - our longest gaming schedule in a while. And since it's just one other friend, that will mean that we can play a good number of heavier games. We've been working our way "up" through different games and it has been quite the delightful gaming journey. And it's just nice to have someone to invite over for more regular in-person gaming sessions without overly inconveniencing them.

As much as we don't sound all that exciting given weekend after weekend either spent playing different tabletop games or sometimes going to O Bar between gaming sessions, each game night (or day) is unique. We've always been big on diversity in our gaming and given our rather large collection, we're also trying to cycle new players to try new games. All this is done to also make sure we make the most of our collection and they don't end up as shelf warmers.

We've already started today's gaming with Namiji, one of the newer games in our collection. It's not the heaviest game around but it makes for a good opening piece. Plus it's so pretty so that always works well in terms of table presence. We have a least one Lacerda game in our immediate future, but beyond that the rest of the night is up in the air. But I know we'll have a good time either way.