02C34: Friday Night at Home

Friday Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1056

It's the end of another workweek and I'm feeling fairly accomplished. We got a lot done but of course, there's more to come. But at least it's a lot of exciting stuff, which is always something to look forward to at work. There are jobs and there are careers and it makes all the difference when you have one or the other. So hooray for good days, weeks, months, and years of fulfilling work. And here's to many more - as long as our efforts pay off, that is.

We don't have a game night scheduled for today and we were supposed to work on the replacement shelf for the one that's giving way, but that plan fell through. Curse you randomly bad Lazada seller! Tobie will have to source an alternate shelf and we'll have to schedule another day for the shelf build and migration. 

We just got caught up on The Last of Us TV show and yeah, Episode 3 was a major wow. Great way to use an almost throwaway idea from the game (Bill being gay) and expanded into something a lot more expansive and rich that still served the greater story to some degree. Plus man, it's totally great TV.

Well, we can't stay up too late because Tobie has an early appointment. Then we have a long game day/night to look forward to tomorrow with an RPG session scheduled for Sunday. So no O Bar this weekend - just a lot of good gaming.