02C31: Toggling Streaming Platforms

Tuesday Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1053

With Drag Den's first season over, I've set our Prime Video subscription to end next week. With so many streaming services around, it's really not practical to keep all of them active at the same time. Prime has really become an on-again, off-again service given how thin their library feels outside a few choice originals.

Despite everything, Netflix still gets the most use from us day-to-day. It's still the easiest app to use and the one least sensitive to inconsistent internet strength. Their library is pretty rich in terms of both original and partner content. And they're still our primary K-Drama platform over the likes of Viu. Good job, Netflix! You're still going strong despite your higher price point. 

I'm tempted to reactivate HBO Go, mainly for ongoing shows like The Last of Us. However, their app isn't the best and I'm holding off for now and waiting for more shows of importance to come back at the same time or we wait for the seasons to end so we can binge. We've never signed up for the premium service for Viu as their UI and UX are a bit of a nightmare and most of the major K-Dramas that people have been recommending to us have also been on Netflix.

I thought we'd get a lot more use out of Disney+, but maybe the platform just took too long to get here. We had already watched most of the major shows over there before they became available here. These days we're only really watching The Bad Batch and I guess I should get around to exploring the Willow TV series. We already signed up for a year, so we're stuck with it for now. But I wonder if it'll become an on-and-off platform for us as well.

Which streaming platforms do you use the most? Take some time to review and you may come up with some interesting data points to consider.