02C2F: Unexpected Feedback

Sunday Salmon and Vegetables

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1051

So on Friday night, we played board games with a friend. on Saturday, we went to Komiket and I totally fanboyed myself silly. Then we went to O Bar that night and had a blast. Today, we brought Hainanese chicken from Tiong Bahru Philippines to Tobie's mom for lunch and talked about K-dramas. We eventually went back home to the Sietch so I could bake my keto bread for the week and we watched the last two episodes of Another Miss Oh.

There's a bit of a recurring thing for this weekend that I've been thinking about - and it has to do with me as a content creator, as weird as that term is. I've always been churning stuff out mainly through my blog and more recently with my YouTube videos. And even though I'm no longer regularly updating the Geeky Guide, I still at least post book reviews over on Goodreads, for whatever its worth.

I know my blog readership has always been rather limited, so it always surprises me when someone mentions that they actually bother to read. This is especially true for my personal blog but a little embarrassing when it came to my reviews on the Geeky Guide - particularly when I ventured into writing reviews about bars we were going to and other real-life things. Not every creator is happy to get feedback in my experience.

When we got to meet Tarantadong Kalbo yesterday, he specifically mentioned that he had appreciated my review, which was the sort of OMG moment. Similarly, Carlo Vergara even retweeted the link to my review of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila, which still got me a bit nervous.

Then last night, I had two separate strangers stop me at O Bar to thank me for the videos I upload. This isn't the first time this has happened but it still really surprises me. I even managed to take a photo with one of them because we bumped into him again on our way to the car and he thanked me again. It was super touching and the general message was to keep doing what I'm doing because a lot of people appreciate the work I put into things.

In my work years, I learned that feedback is a gift and I genuinely believe this. Good or bad, feedback helps you move forward. But we don't always get it - especially when it comes to strangers. But last night's encounters really touched me - maybe it was just the alcohol or maybe I was just in a gushy good mood given how the night had gone. But yeah, this is me taking the time to document that it was super nice they had reached out and I wish I had done a bit more like connected on social or made sure to take photos with both of them.

Maybe next time.