02C2A: A Second Holiday

Tuesday Weather Machine Board Game

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1046

As far as extra days off go, today was pretty nice. I got to sleep in a bit - although I still woke up to my work alarms and double-checked if Tobie woke up on time first. Once I actually got up, I went through a good yoga flow and then go ready to head out for my foot spa appointment.

I was the only person at the salon today, which is just fine. The tech had a lot to work on today and she really went to town on my calluses. I keep wondering if I should try their full "manpering" package, which really just adds in a manicure and some other massages on top of what I normally do. But I feel more than capable of cutting my own fingernails - it's my toes that need full support. For full irony, I then took a meandering path home in order to clock more steps since I was already out.

Tobie was still in meetings by the time I got home, but I was more than happy to tackle lunch as normal. I cooked our usual mushroom pasta and I liked how today's batch turned out. One factor is that this was the first time I got to try using some almond flour linguine noodles, which made for a different mouth feel this time around. I hope I can get more of these noodles - I did a quick check of their Lazada store and it seems all of their almond flour noodles are out of stock for some reason.

The next big task for the afternoon was figuring out how to store the things on the damaged shelf. Tobie has already ordered a replacement shelving unit that should arrive by the weekend, but in the interim, we're still gambling with the current setup albeit with reduced weight and then other stuff we've redistributed to other locations for now.

And all the while, I was working through several loads of laundry and managed to finish three different batches all within the day. Good stuff.

Once Tobie was done with work, we managed to attempt our first playthrough of Weather Machine and the experience was rather confusing! But hey, it's rare that we understand a Lacerda game the very first time and I think we'll have a smoother game the next time we bring out the game.

The other big thing for today was finishing the last two episodes of the Spanish LGBT series Smiley, which turned out to be way more compelling than I had initially anticipated. The series has several well-thought-out main storylines involving different members of overlapping social circles and some very smart writing overall. I really like how they brought everything together and went beyond the typical storylines and stereotypes and managed to tell some distinct yet relatable stories. Truly a surprise gem.