02C25: Thursday Thought Mix

Thursday Tiong Bahru Philippines

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1041

My back still hurts from yesterday's workout, so I stuck to a recovery yoga flow this morning. It kind of helped, but what I really want is a massage but we weren't able to make arrangements. We could have just hired someone new, but it always feels safer (and a better investment) to stick with therapists we work with regularly versus spinning the roulette with completely new people. I should probably take ibuprofen before bed to help with things and maybe loosen me up before tomorrow's pre-shift workout. 

Tobie wasn't quite feeling up to cooking dinner today, so we had a nice chicken rice dinner (sans rice) from Tiong Bahru Philippines. It's a pricey dinner option but it's super legit Hainanese chicken, so that makes it quite worth it. We already have a pretty consistent order, but I suppose we should really consider trying other items on the menu sometime. 

And work was busy but not crazily so, as is the nature of typical Thursdays. This is never going to be a complaint and I hope that Friday won't be too stressful. We have the longer Lunar New Year office closure next week, so that's going to compress our deadlines to some extent. 

So apart from being annoyed by my sore back, the evening is pretty free. A lot of my other digital checkboxes have been resolved including things like addressing my more critical 1Password vulnerabilities, updating my YNAB ledger with my latest transactions, and other fun things. I've even written reviews for all the titles I managed to finish today and put in a request to the Goodreads librarians to add a few entries for new titles I've finished that aren't in the database yet. These are the things that are important to me.

Now let's see if there's time for a board game before we go to bed.