02C24: More Digital Housekeeping

Wednesday Keto Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 1040

As I've been defaulting to yoga as my morning workout on most days, I was rather determined to do something more strenuous today. Waking up later than hoped didn't help and I nearly stuck to what was comfortable again just to get through things. But in the end, I did queue up one of the low-impact cardio workouts from HASfit and managed to get through it. But now I can feel some soreness in my back and I'm again worrying that it was too much hahahuhu

The addition of 1Password into my life has resulted in a sort of digital spring cleaning side project. In my effort to update my "very good"-rated passwords to "fantastic" in order to improve my Watchtower score, I've discovered a lot of sites that either no longer recognize my accounts or are just entirely gone. It's a fun exercise and I've increased my score significantly as I continue to work through the accounts whose passwords haven't been updated from my LastPass period. But it's also prompting me to make decisions on whether or not I should maintain certain accounts or if I'm better up just shutting them down.

I spent tonight catching up on my YNAB filing and reconciling and I'm glad my discrepancy wasn't too big this time around. I fell off the wagon over the holidays and it's only now that I've managed to rein things back in order. I hope re-installing the YNAB app on my phone will help me with my tracking of more incidental stuff. If only it were easier to keep tabs on my O Bar GCash tips at the same time though haha. I don't foresee updating my ledger while at the Bar (although it's a tempting idea).

Processing O Bar photos and videos sort of falls under this effort as well since it forces me to organize all Google Photos content as well. I think I'll curate things a bit more before bed just to ride this digital organization high a bit further.