02C23: Another Batch of Tuesday Things

Tuesday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1039

I cooked sinigang for lunch today since the kangkong we had picked up at the grocery was less than ideal. And I had doubled up on kangkong since there was no okra available at the supermarket either. I'd like to think it still generally came out okay, but you could also taste the difference without onions and the subtle richness of okra. It still made for a good meal, but I could taste the differences.

As I write this blog, I'm distracted by the thought that I still have laundry to fold (a load of whites, no less) and a bunch of dishes to wash. But I also want to process more O Bar videos tonight and clear some of the photo albums as well. Processing the albums that contain both photos and videos can go a bit faster, but getting the videos on YouTube promises wider reach. Thus it's weird challenge of wanting to do something that's a bit "easier" so that I check off more boxes.

Beyond that, I'm just feeling more tech-satisfied today. The 1Password test continues to go well and I'm enjoying the greater convenience it has provided. I'm still working on updating all my passwords so that any stolen LastPass data will be limited to older iterations of my account passwords. Plus I like increasing my Watchtower score, even if it's just 1Password's way of somewhat gamifying the experience. I also want to go back to pushing my Notion usage a bit further. Thus far I've been using someone else's template, but now I want to make some sort of a custom database to better track my Transformers purchases and the subsequent unboxing and related photography efforts. I just have to sit down with it and figure out how I want to configure things.

But first, the laundry. Then some of the remaining O Bar videos from the anniversary. And then maybe Google Photos albums to make me feel better. Then I'll see if I can get started on the New Year's O Bar videos before needing to clear the dishes before bed.