02C21: Sunday Wildness

Sunday O Bar Crew

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1037

Last night's birthday show for the fabulous Of Diva Bernie was amazing. The quality of the show was more than worth the entrance fees and the crazy crowd that we had to deal with. But that's just how things are when you want support the girls during events like this - you just accept the stress that comes with everything.

But really, it was a stellar show and I'm glad that I was able to get most of it on video. The real challenge is finding the time to process everything since I'm still working through the media from the O Bar anniversary last month and the New Year stuff from the start of this month. My videos are a love letter of a sort to the performers as their efforts deserve to be documented and preserved for posterity. And even if no one watched them, I'd be happy having the option of revisiting their performances at our leisure.

We closed the bar again (as is the case during such big events) and we lost the morning to much-needed recover sleep. We only had one shot of tequila together with our other drinks, but that always hits pretty hard for some reason. We still managed to have some Sariwon to wrap up the weekend and we had our first Horror on the Orient Express RPG session since November. It was a struggle to get back into character after so long away and will definitely make time to prep better before our next session.

Finally, I officially started our 1Password trial today and OMG it really does make it feel worth it to pay for a password manager. I've been a LastPass free user for years now and I thought I was okay operating at this level. But the additional bells and whistles that come with it so far (such as the integrated OTP generator) really help speed up one's workflow. Now I just need to help get Tobie onboard to help start his security journey.