02C1A: In-Person Gaming Fulfillment

Sunday Forests of Pangaia

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1030

Wow, last night's gaming was pretty EPIC. We're used to getting home after sunrise for these game nights, but this morning we got back past 08:00am. We had a great roster of games for the night - Consumption: Food & Choices, several rounds of 5-Minute Mystery, simultaneous games of Targi and Fort, a session of Forests of Pangaia, and finally a pretty epic confrontation in Jaws. Plus we all got to share a heart hotpot dinner and a lot of crazy conversation to boot.

Our FGTC game nights are still one of the major highlights of our regular gaming calendar and it never quite feels like we have as much time as we'd like. I suppose it doesn't help that we only really get to see each other once a month. That's a lot by pandemic standards but it's still pretty infrequent when you get down to it. I already consider it to be a blessing that we have pretty regular meet-ups again but we're far from our pre-pandemic normal.

Our FGTC group is actually the only gaming group that we've resumed meet-ups with. Sure, we have our new Friday night game sessions, but that's something that started within the last year. I'm talking about the other gaming groups we used to have over as guests whether for RPG sessions or board games. A lot of things have changed and not everyone is in a position to resume in-person gaming again, which is a shame. It's understandable given the still-evolving pandemic situation, but of course, I miss seeing specific friends again. Beyond O Bar and our FGTC meet-ups, there are still a LOT of people we literally haven't seen in years. 

We still have our online Pendragon RPG session today, and then we'll see how the rest of the day will go. No time for groceries given how long we needed to sleep after two nights of heavy board gaming, so we'll just have to work that into our Monday schedule.