02C18: The Slott Storyverse

Friday Uncle Moe's

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1028

The first workweek of the year is over and it wasn't too bad at all. It feels like a nice start to the year, although I'm sure things are just heating up.

I just finished Dan Slott's Fantastic Four run and it was so much fun - plus it was almost a culmination of a lot of his projects over the years including his time writing She-Hulk and Silver Surfer. It was a little surprising that he didn't bring in more of Spider-Man into the arc, but that might have been a bit too much. But would have anyone complained really? Spider-Man had a cameo at the start of the Reckoning War arc, so that's still something.

There are shorter books I hope to read next, but I think I'm going to prioritize reading his She-Hulk run (also because of the recent Disney+ show) because I'm intrigued by her run-ins with the TVA (which remains a key part of the ongoing Loki series) and then I may re-read his Silver Surfer comics because I loved them without realizing he had written them because I don't always pay attention to the writers as much as I should.

How far he went with this book was kind of bonkers, but it mainly worked because it's the Fantastic Four and cosmic scale challenges are right in their wheelhouse. It almost feels like his farewell to writing ANY of these comics, but that's not the case, right?

While not everyone may agree, I really love Dan Slott's work because you always feel that he's a fan of the characters he's writing (even when he isn't?) - especially when he digs deep and brings back characters from way back in the character's history. And he has a flair for distilling characters to their core essence and he celebrates them in the stories he writes. And I hope he continues to create more Marvel stories in the future.

Otherwise, today's a game night and our first game of the night is Caverna, which is a whopper of a game. But it's prudent to start with the longer games so that we still have enough time. Good days.