02C14: Slow Monday

Monday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1024

Today was a non-working holiday for both of us and we and we made the most of things by resting. We got out of bed pretty late, I did some yin yoga, and eventually started watching Another Miss Oh over lunch. I was initially tempted to just order out, but thankfully I found the drive to cook my usual pasta mix and I followed that up by baking a batch of keto pandesal for the week.

I have to admit that still had to allocate some time to address some work things both last night and today, but at least it didn't eat up most of my time. I spent a lot more time reading either the Nick Spencer Secret Avengers comics alternating with Jurassic Park. The only other weird bit is falling in love with StudioBinder's "What Is..." series of video essays on YouTube because I love this sort of thing.

With luck, Tobie and I will try a board game or two before bed and try not to sleep too late so we're better prepared for the first workday of the year.