02BC6: Friday Moments

Friday Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 958

Tobie and I got our flu shots yesterday and for the most part, things haven't been so bad. In this COVID-19 world, we've all felt the often stronger side effects of the different COVID-19 vaccines, so a flu shot rather pales in comparison. We both woke up feeling more sluggish than usual and I avoided serious exercise just to be sure. The timing of the flu shot may not have been ideal given our weekend plans and our trip to Singapore on Sunday, but at least we're got it out of the way.

We're just staying in tonight and playing board games with friends. I keep talking about how this makes me happy that it has become quite the regular in-person gaming again and the feeling won't go away anytime soon. Even better is that we're really making a habit of it since particular friends are often free on Friday nights.

In other news, storm warnings all around. Even more complications for our weekend plans, it seems.