02BC4: Mid-Week Concerns of the Times

Wednesday Tobie Roast Chicken

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 956

Potentially boring update first - so I've manually added the necessary codes for Google Analytics 4 to all of my blogs since Blogger's native GA support is limited to the older Universal Analytics code for now. I know my blogs aren't exactly the best use of any analytics solution since I don't exactly have business goals or any sort of conversion event that I can configure, but at least I get to test it in the wild. And as I'm still trying to better understand all the differences in this new version of the platform, I figured having more hands-on experience is ultimately going to be helpful. Google Skillshop courses can only get you so far, after all. 

In other news, it looks like we're joining the rest of the region in relaxing mandatory mask mandates and other fun things. One can't help but be a little nervous about this, but of course, there's nothing stopping anyone from continuing to wear masks indoors for their peace of mind. But you know how it is - we naturally distrust our government and its ability to keep us safe, so things that stress that individuals need to make decisions about their personal safety rarely sit well. My trips to Singapore and of course our regular O Bar nights have all helped me feel less paranoid about this sort of thing, but at the same time, you'll probably still see me wearing a mask when in some public indoor space as much as possible just in case. 

Work today was pretty good - certainly productive if anything else. Still a lot of things in motion, but I'd like to think we're keeping pace with the day-to-day and then some. After running a Lunch and Learn session dedicated to Google Calendar tips last week, today I conducted a session for Google Sheets basics. But it was like super basic and I'm not sure if it provided sufficient value to people. But we gotta start somewhere, right? I didn't even get to touch on charting, which I'll try to address in a future session, maybe. 

Now I still have dishes to wash, trash to bring down to the bins in the basement, and hopefully a bit more reading to cover before bed.