02BBD: Sticky Weather and Personal Training

Wednesday Pork Chop Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 949

The weather as of late has been rather frustrating. It has been particularly hot in the morning but often accompanied by a certain degree of increased humidity as well, which makes things extra uncomfortable. But I guess the sunny humid mornings are a bit better than the slightly overcast humid mornings only because the former makes me feel less guilty about turning on the AC than the latter. And I've reached that point where I figure it's worth the investment in our power utility if it means that I'm a lot more relaxed in the day, especially while working. 

Humidity totally drains productivity. 

On the work front, I feel like I'm generally at a good place in terms of my tasks. There's always a lot that needs to get done, but I don't feel like I'm drowning - at least not in terms of the key things that I need to get done. And not missing any of these more critical items is really the bare minimum for my peace of mind.

Where I'm starting to feel a bit of frustration are my secondary tasks that are not urgent but have longer-term implications. This refers more to my personal development for work-related certifications because the world of digital marketing is constantly in motion. Some are more important than others because the we have certain certification requirements that come with being marketing partners for various advertising platforms. But others are really to help me have a better understanding of the different tools and platforms and those are harder to schedule in my work day.

I'm going on two weeks trying to finish what was advertised as a 3-hour certification course for one of the new ad platforms we're using and more often than not I've made progress outside of work hours. There are bigger tools in the Google universe that I only have a tertiary understanding of but I want to find time to sit down and really study them because a lot of things have changed and next year is going to be even crazier. I can pretty much feel the digital marketing space changing around me as we prepare for the cookie-less future and I know I have to keep pace - or better yet get ahead of this curve.

But I like this part of the business and it's why I've fully embraced the digital marketing space as my career path. But it's an industry that demands a lot of all marketers because what you learn from one campaign may not necessarily to another. Each brand is different. Each digital platform or touchpoint is different. And mixing all this together with the whole marketing effort and it makes each campaign have its share of nuances and quirks that you're continually trying to optimize for. 

Such is my life. And it's great, albeit daunting at times. But I don't see myself shifting out of this industry any time soon.