02BBB: Other Monday Things

Monday Fried Tofu

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 947

Given how much we had packed into the weekend, we only had time to do the grocery today after work. Even then we left the Sietch later than I had hoped given I still watched to finish a report before we stepped out among other things. 

Tonight's pre-bedtime activity was making Tobie watch Mean Girls for the first time. The fact that he had never fully watched it before only came up because YouTube had loaded a Trixie and Katya video yesterday and that's when Tobie revealed that he had never seen it before. And it's strange since movies like this are totally in his wheelhouse given among the first movies he made me watch when we got together included the likes of Easy A and Syndey White, to name a few. So making him finally watch this was an imperative.

We really need to try to go to bed earlier, but one thing leads to another and we end up staying pretty late. I'll try to wrap up sooner tonight, but it turns out that Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure is already on Netflix, so we'll see. And this is way cuter than The Mole, of which the final two episodes won't be out until Friday. 

Here's to hoping this is going to be a good week. I realize we're scheduled to meet up with different people almost every night after work, which is going to complicate our scheduling for regular Sietch things haha. Oh well.