02BBA: Sunday Game Things

Sunday Takenoko Diorama

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 946

So we managed to play a total of four games last night during our in-person board game meetup. The first game was Rococo Deluxe, which is actually a game we've pre-ordered a copy for ourselves but haven't had a chance to play. It was nice to experience it with friends but it'll take me a while before I can fully wrap my head around the game. 

Then we followed things up with a few fun ones - these being New York Zoo and ClipCut Parks. They have very different play styles but both make for fun additions to things. 

The monster of a game for the night was Ark Nova as it takes a while to teach and even longer to play. But if we don't go through "The Teach", then we'll never get more friends familiar with the game to open the doors to repeat plays. For example, we got through the bulk of the quarantine lockdowns with the help of digital board game apps for games that all of us were already familiar with. Thus whenever we play online, it's easy to fall back on staples like Lords of Waterdeep, or Wingspan as we can focus on playing and no longer go through the rules explanation (more often than not). 

I realize that I didn't win any of the games that I played last night, which was okay but not great. But it can't be helped - our FGTC friends are some of the best board game players we know and that's what makes gaming with them so great. Even if it's their first time to try a particular game, you still need to play to the best of your ability since they still stand a good chance of winning.

We shifted our weekly Sariwon from Saturday to today since we were going out. Then we had our online Pendragon RPG session in the afternoon. I also baked my weekly batch of keto pandesal during the game and assembled the awesome custom organizer Noel got us for our Takenoko set. So pretty! 

But it's a new workweek ahead, so we gotta push forward. But this is certainly a nice weekend draw energy from for the days ahead.