02BB9: Hangover-less Craziness

Saturday Rococo Deluxe

Metro Manila Community Quarantine -  Day 945

Last night's O Bar birthday festivities for Niki were pretty crazy but ultimately fun. We ended up being a fairly large group occupying two adjacent tables. And given we were (mostly) wearing gray in honor of Niki, it meant we had carved out a decent space just for ourselves right in front of the stage. We somehow went through most of the 8 bottles of Stolichnaya vodka between the two tables, so you can imagine how wild things got. I'm sure more than a few people woke up with gaps in their memory.

Not me and Tobie though - we slept pretty well and didn't have too much of a hangover the next day. We have pretty good water discipline at the bar in order to minimize possible negative effects the morning after. And today was no different. We stayed in a bit, then ordered out for lunch before heading out for our main game night for the day. 

Today is this month's FGTC board game night, and we've opted for an in-person meeting versus just an online one. Given how new cases persist, we opted for everyone to take antigen tests before the game night just to be sure, which is one of those weird reminders that we're still getting through a pandemic. Apart from a generous supply of face masks, our groceries now include makings sure we have antigen tests on hand for occasions like this. 

Niki is here too, so we're continuing to celebrate his special day albeit with a different group of friends. A few of our members aren't in Metro Manila for this cycle, but we'll still make the most of things for sure.