02BB6: The Finale

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Cast

Metro Manila community Quarantine - Day 942

When Turing invited us to be among her guests for the Drag Race Philippines Finale Viewing Party at Okada, initially we weren't sure if we would be able to go. The event call time was 05:00pm, so that meant both of us would have to leave work early in order to make it. It was a Cove Manila at Okada, which is a place Tobie and I haven't been to because who goes to casino bars, right? And these events can get more than a little overwhelming.

But we knew this was a big day for all the girls and it would be nice to be there as herstory was going to be made. And of course, we wanted to show our support for Precious, who had made it all the way to the final four.

We had a bit of an adventure just trying to get to the venue. We rarely visit any of these casino resorts at the so-called Entertainment City and we had to make a few lengthy U-Turns as we made a few mistakes interpreting Waze's instructions. But we got there in the end and weren't late for the official start of the event. And Tobie took the initiative to ask if there was somewhere specifically for us to go to as guests, so we ended up with a decent place to sit.

It was nice to see the girls in their big finale party looks. It was great to be part of the crowd shouting support for Precious. It was a great finale episode to watch together with so many other DRPH fans.

And it was great to be there as the winner was crowned. We couldn't be happier with the results but it really could have gone either way. And I super appreciate the queens who took the plunge to participate in this first season of the show despite the auditions and filming taking place in the middle of some of the worst days of the pandemic.

Should we get a second season of the show, I'm sure more of our O Bar Family are going to step up to the plate and see how far they'll go. And we'll continue to support them and all the other drag queens we've been fortunate enough to get to know better over the course of the pandemic and beyond. They all deserve it because Philippine Drag is truly world class - or perhaps in a class all of its own. 

I have so many other thoughts and feelings on all this, but they'll have to wait for another day, I suppose. Plus I'll give a wee bit more time for people to catch up with other results despite me also spoiling the results in my Instagram/Facebook Stories. It's just that kind of a moment.