02BB4: Quick Geeky Bits

Monday Pasta Cycle

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 940 

This is another of those "I'm going to try to keep this short" blog posts because I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to clear before bed and I still want to get some of my very overdue O Bar Musicals Night videos uploaded. 

Pending errands including washing the dinner dishes, bringing out the laundry, and throwing out the trash. I already folded the previous load of laundry, so that's something. Ack, I still have to get through Duolingo for the day, too!

In very light news, our current casual distraction at the Sietch is some game called Nine Trials. As is the way of things here, Tobie started playing it first as part of his professional efforts to regularly try out new mobile games to see how they work. I often get curious and/or envious of his games but more often than not I resist playing as well - especially since more games fall off the radar once Tobie has fully explored the game loop and so he moves on. 

It took a few instances of watching Tobie play before bed that got me to try out the game as well. And then I kind of plowed through the levels and got through the initial game pretty quickly. But the game has some nuanced advanced game modes to explore that continue to intrigue us and I'm mainly worried that we'll exhaust what the developers have come up with before they can get new content out. The game only officially launched (and by this I assume they mean they exited beta) like just over a month ago and I've gone through so much over the course of a single weekend. 

And I still need to keep up with my reading goals despite the game taking up some of my free time now. Let's leave it at that - I have things to check of my list before bed after all.