02BB2: Extended Puzzling

Saturday Ravensburger Escape Puzzle

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 938

The weekend has been pretty nice despite our need to sort of adapt our plans based on changing circumstances. Last night Tobie and I pushed through with a quiet night of board games for just the two of us. To make the most of things, we used the time to learn some of our newer games. In the roster were Dice Hospital and Reykholt. I know the first game would be a little simple but it has a nice elegance to it and I'm excited to see how it will play with the expansions added in. The second was a Uwe Rosenberg game that's been on the shelf for a while and it turns out to be a pretty interesting game with sort of the same DNA as his other creations Caverna and New York Zoo.

We had finished both games before 03:00am and I was still in the mood to try something. But I went bonkers and suggested that we try one of the Ravensburger Escape Puzzles that Tobie had picked up based on how often people compared Exit: The Game + Puzzles sets. I was in an escape room mood but we also didn't want to open up any of other unplayed games just yet as we're saving them for when we have friends over for gaming.

I knew it would take a while because puzzles are tricky that way but we still hadn't finished the 759-piece puzzle come sunrise. We eventually had to call it quits and resumed once we were awake again and it still took a while before we finished it. It boiled down to literally brute-force solving it because the starry night sky was just too tricky to figure out. We've yet to fully explore the actual puzzles hidden in the puzzle art because we first had to get through our finale session for our Night's Black Agents campaign.

We've already had our dinner and finished the latest season of Cobra Kai. We're just about ready to dive back into this puzzle experience after we finish another episode of Mr. Sunshine, and then we'll see where the rest of the weekend will take us.