02BB1: Keto Noodles and Friday Night Gaming

Friday Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 937

Pasta was one of my earliest staples for stuff to cook for Tobie. As long as you understand the principle of putting a pasta together, it makes it pretty easy to mix and match ingredients. And I'd do all sorts of pasts whether with red sauces, white sauces, ground meat, tuna, whatever. And the results are generally all good with some hiccups here and there. 

Just taking a moment to celebrate the fact that despite being on keto for over 4 years now, pasta is fully back in our mix of Sietch staples, mainly because I've fully embraced a particular supplier of keto-friendly pasta noodles of all sorts. Sure, it's a little pricey when you compare it to regular noodles, but that's the story of every keto alternative in this world, really. But beyond the comfort level, there's also the practicality of how quickly I can whip up a pasta dish during the work day, which is why I end up cooking at once or twice a week when I'm a little pressed for time during my lunch break. 

We were supposed to have a friend over for board games tonight, but he developed a bit of a sore throat, and naturally, it felt more prudent to take a rain check. And that's the reality of our still-in-a-pandemic life where any sign of illness really becomes cause to change plans. At least this is how we are in our circle of friends, who are largely pretty responsible people. 

It would have been awesome if he could have made it though as we seem to be making a habit of gaming on Friday nights when we're not at O Bar. And had we pushed through tonight, then our streak for Friday night gaming would have pushed close to a month. Ah well, we'll try again next time.

But I'm going to wrap up writing this blog because I've been in a very board-game mood this week and I don't want that energy to get wasted. Plus I think I'm ready to explore some of the new games that arrived this week after some advanced rulebook reading last night. 

Have a good weekend, everyone.