02BAB: Between Weekend Days

Saturday Cat

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 931

Last night's game night was pretty fun. We only really played three games - Dixit, Tiny Epic Quest, and Prêt-à-Porter, but that already took up the entire night. I just realized that different people won each of the games - I was happy to have won the last one as that fashion game is always a tricky one to navigate.

Today has been a lot more restful. After getting some ads work done in the morning, I managed to make it in time for my foot spa appointment and the girl really really went to town on my calluses. I didn't linger too long as I had to get home for our usual Saturday Sariwon brunch and leave myself some time to digest before our massage in the afternoon. Tobie ran a game with a different group tonight and I kinda went nuts making sure I got all my Fitbit metrics to green while reading comics or making progress with my current Star Wars novel, then catching up on the reviews for the titles I managed to finish. 

And yet I still didn't finish writing my blog post before Tobie finished his game session? That felt ironically inefficient. There's still a fair amount of weekend left, but still.

I still have some work that I need to get done this weekend because it's one of those times. I also want to migrate my Pendragon game notes from OneNote over to Notion before our scheduled game tomorrow. But that's several years' worth of session notes to sort through, so we'll see if there's actually sufficient time for that. 

I wanted to work on my Transformers, but that idea has kinda of drifted away. I at least got a load of laundry done, but I still need to clear the last of the dishes in the sink. Our internet isn't cooperating with our attempts to watch this week's episode of The Rings of Power, so that's a bit of a bummer. All in all, it's a weird moment of non-movement in the middle of what has been generally a good weekend thus far. How odd.