02BAA: End of Month, Beginning of the Weekend

Friday Dixit

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 930

With the end of September, so ends meet perfect month for tracking our days in quarantine. And I think we're still technically under a very loose quarantine, right? I should probably check on that.

Quite the interesting week on multiple fronts. Work had it's fair share of ups and downs but I've made it to the end still generally okay. I still have some stuff I'll need to get done over the weekend because of end-of-month/start-of-month fun things. There's other stuff on the personal front that are serious but still manageable. Life continues on.

We're already mid-way through a game night because we didn't schedule O Bar time again this weekend. I'm glad that we're gaming more in person given more friends being available to game but also comfortable enough to do this in the first place. It's still a bit of a risk, but I think we manage to keep this nights limited (mostly) to people we trust to share an enclosed space with. And if things turn out badly, well, let's just hope the timing won't impact our Singapore trip at the end of October.

Tomorrow I have a foot spa scheduled first. Then Tobie and I have a home service massage scheduled before that particular masseur goes home to the province. Tobie will be a guest GM for an online game in the evening so I'll have time to either process last week's O Bar media, read more or get ahead on work. Fun options!

Then on Sunday we'll wrap up the weekend with our Pendragon game. And hopefully I would have resolved all pending work items by then and maybe sneak in either a grocery run or a good walk or not outside? I haven't done that in a while given crummy weather over the past few weekends plus post-O Bar recovery and I really need to work on my physical activity.

Another busy but fulfilling weekend ahead!