02BA9: A Smaller Second Screen

Thursday Meat

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 929

One of the things that sometimes bogs me down at work is when my computer slows to a crawl. It happens when I have a lot of web apps active and I've been on a few video conference calls - especially when I've had to use different platforms in sequence. I should probably figure out what kind of computer would do better as this has been a bit of an emergency pandemic purchase, but that'll take a while.

For now, I've been trying to figure out how to lighten my computer's workload either by minimizing the number of simultaneously active web apps or increasing use of my phone as part of my work process. I've already mentioned migrating my tasking efforts to the Google Tasks mobile app, and this has been proving quite useful. I should probably default to using my phone as a calculator versus loading the calculator app or running a computational search on Google because every little bit counts.

I don't think I'm going to rush to study any of the portable second screen options I've seen on Lazada just yet. That might add to my computer's load versus increasing my overall efficiency - at least not yet,. I promised myself that I'd make sure that things like my Notion efforts are fully integrated into how I work before I'd indulge in things like that. I'm making progress, but it's too soon to bring out the "Mission Accomplished" banner, if you get my drift.

I probably had something else to blog about, but I've lost it while writing this opening bit on my productivity again. There's nothing wrong with writing about that stuff, but I know I'm just mentioning things and not exactly writing how-to content, so it's not necessarily useful to most people. 

I really need to map out that quick capture process for these blogging ideas, I think. Back to tinkering with Notion then, I think.