02BA8: Hump Day Notes

Wednesday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 928

I normally manage to squeeze in cooking lunch in-between meetings, but today was pretty busy so we ended up ordering out. I've been trying to rein in our food delivery expenses since we've been ordering out a LOT as of late for one reason or another, but today wasn't going to be one of those days. At least SaladStop! now allows for Create Your Own salads as a delivery option. Before I was mostly limited to the Cobb Salad, which isn't quite my favorite salad and is just barely keto-compliant. But this is still a cheaper option than always ordering from places like Guilt Free on a regular basis.

Although we ordered from them for dinner, haha

In random Sietch things, I asked Tobie yesterday what movie franchise we should try exploring. Our last cycle was to watch all of the John Wick movies released thus far and now we're trying to get through all of the Fast and the Furious movies. They make for low-investment TV fare that we can leave playing while we do other things after dinner. And who knows - maybe we'll fall in love with the series? But it certainly makes for a striking contrast to our other option, which was to watch all the Godfather movies.

On the K-Drama front, we're still working our way through Mr. Sunshine. It's not a bad show but it does a lot more focus and time in order to keep tabs on everything. And we're not even at the halfway point as it's one of the longer K-Dramas at a whopping 24 episodes. Thus far we've primarily stuck with the 16-episode, single-season stuff. So this is proving to be a longer journey, especially since it's a historical fiction piece. 

I keep randomly thinking of possible blog topics that I want to write about but I keep forgetting what they were by the time I sit down to write. This is totally the sort of thing I should be trying to jot down via a Notion quick capture note-taking solution. Something else to think about...