02BA4: Indoor Weekend

Saturday Gaming Friends

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 924

First up - Typhoon Karding. It's now officially a typhoon, which means we're going to have some bad weather ahead. It's potentially going to hit Metro Manila within the next 24 hours, so my plans of getting back into walking/jogging outdoors may be impacted. This typhoon also somewhat stands out to me given "Karding" is also a potential nickname for my actual first name. It's not a nickname I've ever officially adopted, but a high school classmate used to use it in both jest and endearment.

The weekend has been pretty good after a very busy and stressful workweek. We had some good friends over for board games last night and managed to play Azul, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Point Salad, and Carcassonne, which all made for a fun night. As much as we enjoy our O Bar nights, it's still nice to take a break from the scene, as it were, and just have some geeky fun indoors. And gaming with friends in person is a gift that I will always celebrate after the years of isolation imposed by the pandemic. 

On the flip side, our RPG campaigns are still strictly online experiences until now, It think more for convenience along with safety. Players haven't quite expressed any interest in returning to playing in person just yet and in some cases (like tonight) one of our players is now out of the country. But one can't deny how nice it is to be able to jump into an RPG session quickly and then return to our normal Sietch lives right after we end the call for the session.

My only other activity today was the mostly monthly errand run for family and hanging out with Mom. Apart from sharing stories and catching up on recent events, our other shared activity has become working on New York Times crosswords together because we're pretty nerdy that way. 

Now Tobie and I are watching The Northman as we decompress after the game. I want to read some more and/or process O Bar videos because I still have two nights' worth of content to process.