02BA3: Talking About Productivity on a Friday Night

Friday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 923

Productivity update first! Today's additional innovation for my workflow is adding a dedicated New Task widget to my phone's primary menu. I dropped the my Google Play link in favor of this - which puts it right next to the camera button. And I think this properly reflects my current productivity obsession focus and I'm here for it.

This didn't fully work out for some tasks that were in my queue before I reconfigured my phone that I had nearly missed out on, but that's part of why I'm doing all this. But this is also indicates that I'm further marrying my Google Tasks to my work process versus Notione. And I don't really feel bad about this as working with the Google Workspace ecosystem still works for me and I love Google Calendar, so there's that.

Notion is also working out for me pretty well, but I'm undecided if the desktop app is worth it or if I'm better off sticking to the web experience. They're essentially the same thing but I have this weird feeling that the desktop app is somehow slower than the web experience maybe? I need to test more to really confirm.

Or should I try taking notes on my phone more to free up computer resources? Then I can organize my notes into the right places at the end of the day or something? So many choices!

The lingering question is how to migrate my existing OneNote notes to Notion once I fully commit to it (which feels very likely). There isn't a ready solution to migrate things seamlessly, so that'll potentially manually copying things over bit by bit (which includes stuff that dates back to my call center days!) but it could be fun. I've been slowly shifting over active notes for work on an as needed basis, but I may work on that a bit more over the weekend to provide a bit more utility for my Notion stuff.

All this kinda makes me excited for the coming workweek, haha! What a thing to get giddy over on a Friday night.