02BA1: Organization Motivation

Wednesday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 921

Had a pretty good day at work, even if I finished pretty late. But to be fair, the stuff I ended up doing beyond my official shift hours was more digital housekeeping because I wanted to get things better in order. Sure, I had another big report to tackle and other ads stuff that I needed to worry about here and there. But the other stuff I invested time in included clearing my inbox and sorting my Google Tasks further into specific lists - although I'm undecided if I like this segmentation versus having everything in a single list. 

I still have some big tasks that I need to clear before the week is over, but spending some time clearing and organizing other aspects of my virtual workspace. Notion is just one part of all this but I didn't want my other stuff to feel neglected. And I think that just stresses how busy things have gotten when even my normally immaculate email inbox was quite a mess. But things are better now - or at least for now? But I really want to rethink my entire approach to work and see how I can get things to the next level.

I know part of what's driving this is that I haven't been able to hire someone to help me out in my team, so it's a lot of stuff that I have to run on my own. And until I can get that help, I want to make sure I don't miss out on anything with the help of every tip and trick I can wring out of different productivity gurus out there. To be fair, I generally get this semi-obsessive when I'm on a new thing at work, but it's not like I drop things immediately after either. As long as I can integrate things into my routine, then they tend to stick and I'm all the better for it. 

So let's organize to a crazy degree for now. And then let's see if I can finally find someone to take on some of the media buying for me.