02BA0: Productivity Growing Pains

Tuesday Leftovers

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 920

Today has been an especially busy day since I started with a couple of major tasks that I needed to get through and ended with 4 that I prioritized for today with 3 others that I had scheduled throughout the week. And these are just the big ticket items - it doesn't factor in a bunch of other tasks that snuck into the queue and took up some of my time.

By the end of the day, I was glad to have finished my main 4 items and even snuck in work on an item I had set for tomorrow - but I scheduled my email response for the morning because you should never stress to your client that you did some work outside of your official working hours. So many things going on.

After dinner, I found myself encoding my thoughts of an interview we conducted in the afternoon - which in itself felt like a minor failure of my efforts to shift to Notion for my notetaking efforts since I didn't bother to take notes during the interview itself. And things like this speak to my grearter challenge that I don't quite have a great notetaking habit built into my work routine and it's something I'm going to have to train/condition for myself in order to make the most of all these tools I'm supposed to have.

The Google tech stack helps with most of my daily stuff. I live and die by my Calendar for appointments and I always have my Calendar open in my Gmail sidebar. I've slowly integrated Google Tasks into my work life as well and I can toggle my Calendar sidebar to show my Tasks instead as needed. Both Calendar and Tasks push notifications to my phone, and I have a big calendar widget that occupies half of my home screen.

Tasking is easy for scheduled stuff. My main use for tasks is recurring things and for my ad boosting schedules since it hurts my head to keep track of everything. I'm not ready to shift these things to Notion since I haven't even gotten note-taking integrated into my workflow, so one thing at a time. But I know I don't necessarily task everything in my work day and I could probably afford to task more than I do now.

And that brings me back to my notes and me not actually "writing" things down. Is this when I relent and admit that maybe I need a second screen that I can dedicate to Notion or whichever other app I end up using for notetaking. I've been a single-screen person for quite a while since I favor keeping my work setup portable, but maybe I need another screen to dedicate to my productivity and organization solutions in order to make better use of them. I don't see great local options on Lazada but there are some overseas sellers offering those cool extenders that sit on your existing laptop screen. But they're mostly 10-20k investments and I get scared spending that much on something that will ship from outside the country.

But technology can only go so far. I need to build the habit first with what I have before I leap into other solutions. and hopefully I'll get a better handle on my work life in order to get more done.