02B9F: Number Crunching Day

Monday Keto Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 919

One thing led to another, I found myself needing to deal with 6 different e-commerce-related reports today. The main culprit, of course, was the mega sale day 9.9. That alone covered 4 different reports given all the campaigns we had to run on that day. And I had a few more sales that I needed to cover, and all this took up a good part of my day. I'm glad I got it all done, albeit shortly after the official end of our work day. That leaves me room to work on another report tomorrow.

I've been juggling a number of interesting report requests in recent weeks. The one I have scheduled for myself is the third rework of a fairly extensive content review report that is going to be a fair amount of work, but not terribly difficult. Then I have another version of an ad report that another client requested for that I've worked out the methodology in my head but I still need to sit down and get through it somehow. 

It's kind of funny how a lot of these reports still need a fair about of grudge work despite how we have several reporting solutions in place to help speed things along. But there's a reason these requests go up to me - precisely because our existing reports don't quite cover what is needed. It's interesting work for sure - but I also know that I need to figure out how to replicate things more quickly or translate the effort such that others can do it without me. And there's the rub, to some extent. 

Aside: still trying to integrate Notion into my routine. It doesn't feel organically automatic just yet, but I'll keep at it. I don't think I'm on the path of the whole "second brain" moment, but it does feel like something I'd appreciate. Or maybe I won't get quite there, but somewhere on the way, I may find my notetaking sweet spot. The experiment continues.