02B9E: Sunday Rundown

Sunday O Bar Core Group

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 918

Last night's O Bar Musicals event was crazy fun. Sure, there were WAY too many people at the bar, but it also shows how the intersection of drag and musical theater interests can draw some really major crowds. We had a good group of friends with us and met some new ones who shared the table with us. So definitely a good night.

Today we had our Pendragon RPG session in the afternoon, which was still good despite being a player done. This also marks the first session where I tried to use Notion for my note-taking after my initial experiments with my work notes while in Thailand. I think the system I'm using still works, although RPG-related notes don't necessarily need Open and Urgent statuses (so far?), but I'm trying to use the templates for now versus creating something from scratch. 

Tonight we watched Three Thousand Years of Longing, which was quite poignant but I can see how it's not the sort of movie that will get widespread love. But we enjoyed it and its steady (albeit slower) pace and its story-within-a-story format. Couple that with a somewhat open-ended ending and you get a movie that feels like a graphic novel.

In other news, I booked two trips today (which is making my credit card cry a little) in the months to come. One is to join the family in Singapore for the Christmas holidays as we'll either celebrate at my sister's place there or we'll all trek to Malaysia and have our holiday activities in yet another country instead. The other trip is for me and Tobie to visit Singapore in November, which I'm really excited about. It'll be a good two weeks there and this marks our first out-of-the-country trip together since well before the pandemic. I know, Singapore is like our "safety country" instead of more "interesting" destinations like Japan (which we really want to go to one day). But this trip hits several birds with one stone, as it were and it's good practice for future travel efforts.