02B9D: Geeky Cultural Victory

Saturday Theater Date

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 917

It's funny that our game night last night only really covered three games but that's how things go. The board game hobby is a long game (pun!) given you spend a lot of time teaching friends how to play different games in the hopes that next time (if there is a next time) you'll get to skip the rules and focus on playing specific games again. But as we sit on a collection of almost 900 games and part of the eagerness is continuing to introduce new games to friends while also playing games that they have come to enjoy again so they also have a chance to try new strategies.

Today we watched Mula sa Buwan for the first time. This also marked the first time we got to experience the new Samsung Performing Arts Theater at Circuit. It's actually a nice theater - probably better than Solaire -  but Circuit as a venue is a pain to get to and doesn't really offer a lot of great food options, especially given I try to stay on keto while we're out. So after a quick effort to see if there was a chance to have dinner before heading home, but in the end, we just returned to the Sietch and ordered delivery.

Today we have the big O Bar Musicals night, which I've sooo been looking forward to. I'm glad I still got to make it despite me being in Bangkok earlier this week. We have a few friends joining us later, so that's going to be a bonus. Strength in numbers is a key strategy for surviving an O Bar Saturday event night. 

I'll catch up on other things some other night. LOL