02B9B: Blink of an Eye

Thursday Khao

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 916

I knew this was going to be a pretty brief trip, but it's still kind of surprising that it's pretty much already over. After I finish this blog post, I'll need to pack most of my stuff so that I don't have to rush in the morning. I'll have just enough time for breakfast before I need to check out and make my way to the airport in order to catch my noon flight home. 

We got a lot done during this trip and I'm happy that other members of the team will be staying the weekend in order to experience more of Thailand. I haven't seen much else beyond the hotel and the client's office, but I at least had two great dinners at different Michelin Star restaurants, so that's something.

Now I have to figure out my bags and not stay up too late given my flight schedule. And people keep warning us about the traffic, so it feels like I need to buffer extra travel time. I should be able to manage it but naturally, there's some degree of travel-related paranoia.

Wish me luck, folks.