02B99: Travel Time Hiccup

Tuesday Hotel Room

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 914

I woke up pretty early in order to avoid being late for my flight to Thailand. Despite my worries about this, I had no major issues getting to the airport or making my flight despite having less than three hours of sleep. The flight was largely uneventful but a bit uncomfortable since my seatmate was rather wide and he needed the space of both armrests by default and then some. And even getting to our hotel was a pretty smooth ride and we somehow dodged the crazy rains later in the afternoon.

I figured that today would be somewhat more of a free day with most of it dedicated to travel, but I ended up still catching up with pending work items from the day and then working with the team on things that we need for our various meetings and presentations this week - the main reason we've all flown in. 

What's crazier still is that traveling to Thailand resulted in an "extra" hour being added to my day. On the surface, staying up past midnight is a normal thing for us at home and getting up the next day isn't so bad. But now it's an hour later at home but all my automatically-updating clocks are telling me it's an hour earlier and so maybe I can work a bit longer.

But that doesn't change the fact that relatively speaking, I still have a meeting at 09:00am, that is a 10:00am meeting at home. But everything else has shifted around, so I still need to get things done.

What a day.

Let's see if I can better organize my thoughts tomorrow. Or I'll end up properly writing about the specifics of this trip come the weekend.