02B97: Happy Sunday Things

Sunday Jellyfish

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 911

This has been a pretty good weekend. We've covered a lot of ground and I feel pretty ready for the week ahead. Here are the highlights for just today (as I had already covered the rest of the weekend previously:
  • Lunch with Tobie's family
  • Horror on the Orient Express online RPG session
  • Massages for me and Tobie
I was rather worried that we'd be late for lunch with Tobie's family today given our last online game of Viticulture took way longer than expected given we had a full 6 players engaged. You end up waiting for quite a while before your next turn comes around and thus our game ended at around 04:00am. With an 11:00am lunch appointment, that didn't leave us a lot of time to sleep. But thankfully, we woke up just in time to scramble out the Sietch and ended up getting there just on time - more or less.

I was really looking forward to today's RPG session since we hadn't been able to gather for a while given certain real-world concerns. We had a complete virtual table today and it was really nice to have everyone present. It was a good enough session (at least no one died) and we have more leads to follow-up on come the next session.

Then with my business trip this week, getting a massage before heading out was sort of a priority for me. Thankfully Tobie managed to arrange one for tonight after our game, so that has made for a nice end to this Sunday.

I already took some time to double-check the travel requirements for Thailand and things seem simple enough. All that's left is to pack my bag (I'll address this tomorrow after work) and maybe cut our hair before we fly out. 

Random brain fart: 
People keep talking about using Notion to supercharge their notetaking or personal productivity and I'm both curious and daunted about it. It's not the first time this has come up, but I'm once again wondering if I should try to invest a bit more time into figuring all this out and seeing if this can work for me.