02B96: A Lot of Parentheses

Saturday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 910

It's weird that I'm hardly thinking of my business trip to Bangkok when I'm already flying out this Tuesday. As much as it's a short trip, this is only the second time I'm ever flying to Thailand and it's not like I really remember how that process went. The only thing I do remember is that I had accidentally left my Kindle on the plane and had luckily managed to get it back during my flight back.

But I suppose that can wait for a bit longer. I'll get the bulk of things in order by Monday night, more or less.

Instead, our weekend has involved (1) in-person board games from Friday night well into Saturday morning, (2) a hearty Korean lunch while re-watching episodes of Miranda, (3) an online RPG session - although we nearly finished the campaign today, and (4) a last-minute online board game session with our FGTC friends. 

And this is all considering we were originally scheduled to watch Mula sa Buwan today (as I mentioned in yesterday's blog), but we managed to stay busy all the same. 

The cherry on top (or in this case the cake?) was ordering another 6" Hazelnut cake from Keto Filipino because (a) I really like it and (b) I wanted something nice before the trip.

Tomorrow we have a special lunch before our afternoon RPG game (which should push through, I think) and then we'll just relax for the rest of Sunday night.