02B95: Elephant Buffet

Friday Kimchi Stew

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 909

Whew, what a day. It has been the kind of end-of-week where I had so many sources of stress based on the many different hats I wear at work. Stress is just stress, of course, and I just went through the day by tackling individual concerns as orderly as I could in order to clear my queue. There were things beyond my control, but rather than just wait I moved on to other things first. And things eventually fell into place before it became too late.

There are always going to be those things at work that everyone will notice when things go wrong but few will notice when things go right - because it's sort of expected. Keeping things running without issue is the expected status quo after all. And a lot of effort is invested in keeping things going regardless of the company. 

So I go through another stressful day and I'll continue to think about how else we can rectify things to avoid similar issues in the future - or at least ways to better mitigate potential sources of stress. Just because we go through things well enough today won't mean that we won't find ourselves in the same situation again. And we certainly won't want that.

But hey, it's already Friday so it's time to relax for real. We have a game night set for tonight and RPG sessions scheduled across the rest of the weekend. We were supposed to watch Mula sa Buwan tomorrow, but the theater company had to move all shows this week to the following weekend instead since a member of their company tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, I'll be back from my Thailand business trip in time to catch the play upon my return and it won't require us to move any of our other schedules for the weekend, so that works out well enough. 

Have a good weekend, everyone.