02B94: To Boldly Go Further

Thursday Discovery Enterprise

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 908

Today is Star Trek Day, which is the anniversary of the first time the original Star Trek aired. It's not like a super big geek holiday, but it has become a time for new announcements to be made about the show and weird merchandise releases like these Nerf phasers. The bulk of the announcements are going to come out after Tobie and I have gone to bed, so I'll just catch up with the news in the morning.

If anything, we got to watch the latest episode of Lower Decks and enjoyed it a lot. The new season is starting off pretty well and I can't wait to see how they end up stringing together the episodic stories to establish some greater meta-plot. If anything, the show continues to be a great celebration of the Star Trek fandom.

We also finished the Netflix edition of Bee and Puppycat and...I'm even more confused? But I don't mean this in a bad way. The very brand of that series is all about the strange and bizarre yet also somehow whimsical? We even re-watched the pilot and the original first season for a bit more context for things and I can only say that I enjoyed the whole thing even if I don't fully understand all the moving parts involved in the show. 

I hope we get more of it.